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COVID-19 Policies

***Please notice, this page will be continually modified as the coronavirus pandemic changes to reflect our current precautions for Huckleberry Baby clients. ***

Huckleberry Baby's Proactive Role in Supporting Clients Though COVID-19

First and foremost, my heart goes out to those who have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.  This is a large scale issue that affects our world as both health and economic issues.  

At Huckleberry Baby, I feel it is our responsibility to address the Coronavirus response in a proactive and adaptable manner. As CEO, I will make policy changes as the infectious disease situation develops.  We look to continue to serve our customers in the timely and trustworthy manner you are accustomed to while minimizing the risk of potentially spreading COVID-19. We view our position as a partner with you in creating the most trustworthy experience possible for your clients that supports their and your health and well-being.  

During this pandemic, we have implemented the following policies which may be adapted or abandoned as the COVID-19 situation warrants:

  • Policy 1: We will continue to look to for recommendations in preventing the spread of infectious disease. We will continue to implement common sense measures that are right for our family and work environment.
  • Policy 2: We are keeping our preorder list to a minimum so that we can shutdown operations quickly if anyone in my immediate family is infected or suspected to be infected with COVID-19.  In the event of a shut-down situation, we expect the disruption to be temporary.
  • Policy 3: At this time, Huckleberry Baby will continue to serve international customers. Please note that Huckleberry Baby does not assume responsibility for the delay or non-delivery of packages due to shipping, customs, quarantine, or theft. Please purchase knowing that you are taking on the risk of package delivery.
  • Policy 4:  Huckleberry Baby does not accept refund requests for any reason and will not accept returned packages. We are facing a health and economic crisis which will likely impact your small business in some way.  Although I sincerely empathize, please shop responsibly and have a strong crisis management plan in place for your business. 

Thank you for being a loyal Huckleberry Baby customer.  We intend on updating our COVID-19 policies as needed and keeping the lines of communication open with our customers. You are welcome to email us at with any other concerns we have not addressed on this page.

We hope these policies help you build confidence as you address questions and concerns from your clients. At Huckleberry, we see your health, continued success, and reputation for safety as top priorities!


Renae Launderville, CEO
Huckleberry Baby, LLC