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Meet the Artist and Owner of Huckleberry Baby Professional Photography Props

"What we love as a child, we find our passion in as an adult." -RBL

Photo credit: Julie Kearny Photography

What we love as a child, we find our passion in as an adult. I come from generations of makers, inventors-from-necessity, and hobby-artists and those genes were flipped ON for me, haha. I have a love of all things color and you'll see that in my work. 

In high school I didn't think an average-ordinary person could make a living as an artist, so I went to college for Biology pre-med something. Organic chemistry taught me academic humility and that I was out of my league with my pre-med ambitions. I decided switch to a general business degree because I had no clue what to do with my life.  I figured that was the most open-possibility degree and I completed it magna cum laude and still no clue what to do with my life professionally (and personally if we are being honest, ha!).

I worked as a makeup artist and manager which fed my love of color and business for a couple years. Then I dabbled in personal banking for a few years.  Deep down inside I knew it wasn't the place for me at that time in my life. I married my husband and went back to school for my "almost finished" MBA. 

My son was born and he fueled my life long photography passion. He gave me the subject and motivation to shoot everyday and from there I eventually opened up a  photography business when he was one. 

My love for buying props for my studio led to the creation of Huckleberry Baby Prop so that I could fund new lenses and bodies, mentoring, and more props for my studio, ha!  Then it kept growing. And growing. And growing. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew I needed to make the choice on where to focus professionally, and I chose props.  

As it turned out, you CAN make a professional career out of being an artist. Young adults and beginner artists/entrepreneurs, don't let misinformed adults tell you differently.  Take a few business classes or self-study so you have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of marketing, accounting, and law.  I love to talk business philosophy and tips- so if you ever have questions or want to bounce ideas, meet me in my Facebook private community group and ask in there. I'm here as a professional friend, fellow artist, and cheerleader for your success!

It took me a long time to return to my life-long passion of art and color, but I finally got here with Huckleberry Baby Prop. I love creating, color, and the added joy of creating art for artists (you!) is the cherry on the professional sundae. 




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