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Huckleberry Baby 2020 Business Goals

Each day is a chance to begin again with a fresh start.  

But there is just something about the beginning of the year that energizes and provides a little extra push to make positive changes for the year ahead.  And for entrepreneurs, you can't beat a clean slate for the fiscal/calendar year to set fire to new goals. 

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I'm going to put my goals down as an attempt to manifest the results and hold myself accountable to taking the actions needed to make them happen.  My 2020 Huckleberry goals are:

  • 20k sales increase. This is an uncomfortable goal and it will be pushing it as far as achievability goes. I had record years the past couple years and feel pretty maxed out without scaling the business up. And I've found in 2019 that I really like doing things myself. Perfectionism is the thief of profitability, but I like knowing that things are done exactly to my standards. It is a trust thing with my clients that I won't compromise on from start to finish. Maybe someday they will figure out adult cloning? I'll take one more of me, please! Until then, thank you loyal and new newborn photographer clients. I'll need your help on this one, haha. 
  • 20 blog posts in 2020 to focus on building CEO.  Honest moment here. Facebook and Instagram reach was ROUGH during Black Friday through holiday this year. Even with an advertising budget, I just don't have the big marketing bucks to compete with huge corporate advertising spenders. I have a great email list but inboxes were inundated with every business blasting for holiday and that wasn't an effective method during that time either. Random internet searches (hello, SEO!) were my number 2 traffic source during holiday, second only to FB where I focus most of my marketing efforts. 

    Once holiday passed, things were back to "normal" for reach although exposure still seems to be a bit down when it comes to group reach. Lesson learned! My goal is 20 blog posts to boost SEO in if you see random posts on the blog from me and wonder what the heck a newborn photography prop vendor is doing blogging...I'm trying to reach more clients like you via search engine. 

  • 20 non-Facebook social media posts a month in 2020.  I wish I could commit to 20 a week...but that isn't going to happen.  This goes back to trying to reduce my dependence on a single form of social media.  I have Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram that are often neglected that I'm going to try to show some more consistency to reach new and existing clients.
  • Take 3-5pm off at least 3 days of the Monday-Friday schedule. I want to spend more quality time with my kids. Period. And when I say off, I don't mean multi-tasking administrating and marketing while the kids play. But intentional, single-focused attention to myself and my kids. Wish me luck. Workaholism is probably classified as an addiction and I'd like to get my priorities back in check.

  • Develop content for creative consulting. Beyond photography and props, I just plain love business. I'd like to find a way that allows me to share my experience and knowledge to help encourage fellow creatives to hit that six figure and beyond salary.  I have a notebook I'm filling full of ideas. I'm not quite sure how this will shape up as far as presenting the content, but I'm taking steps to gather that content and deeply reflect on how I can present it in the most value-driven way for my client.  I'd really like to do some sort of 1:1 mentoring with small business creatives, much like the newborn photography world does 1:1 for shooting/editing/ect. It is a work in progress, but I'd like have launched or be near launching by the end of 2020.

Are you a new year goal setter? How do you want to see your photography business or side hustles grow in 2020? I'd love to hear one (or several) of your goals.  Leave a comment and help a girl out with her SEO.  Let me know you took the time to read this post, if you have any questions, or if you found anything helpful in the content. It might give me an idea for a future post!

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